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AFMS (Fiber Management System) manages the fiber connections from outside of fiber rack to the fiber routers. Fiber cable duct containing many fibers come from far end sites and terminate on FMS usingsplicingtechnology. FMS has fiber in and fiber out ports. From fiber out port the fiber patch will go tofiber opticsbased router.

RACKOM Offers best quality Fiber LIU For Your Network Applications, CATV Applications, Broadband Applications, Telecom Applications

We have 6 Core fiber FMS to 144 Core Fiber LIU FMS

24 Core FMS LIU Fiber Management System

Product Details:

Black Light Grey
Size 1U
Material Steel

RAckOm is a well known brand in IT telecom Industry For Providing its best quality Cabinets for multiple applications like IT, Telecom, Surveillance .

Rackom 24 Core Fiber Management system LIU is loaded with best quality SC /FC/LC type adaptors with Pigtails 

Sliding type Rackmount LIU/FMS
Wall Mount Fiber LIU
Fix type Fiber LIU

48 Core Fiber Termination Box

We are manufacturer of all type of Optic Fiber termination box , LIU, Fiber management system having choice of Adaptors like SC LC FC

Front patching FMS-1U/2U/3U/4U is a shelf assembly for a fiber management system in a networking rack environment. This system utilizes the same proven fiber routing procedures found in FOSC 400 splice closures. The result is consistent, high quality fiber management throughout the network.


FMS is available in the following versions:

  • FMS 1U for splicing & Patching max. 24F cable
  • FMS 2U for splicing & Patching max. 48F cable
  • FMS 3U for splicing & Patching max. 72F cable
  • FMS 4U for splicing & Patching max. 96F cable

Fiber Distribution Management System FDMS

RACKOM SYSTEM is Manufacturer and supplier of Fiber Distribution Management System FDMS .

Our Fiber LIU/FMS are one of the quality Product in Curremt Competitive Market , We makes Quality Products yet competitive

Fiber LIU

RACKOM SYSTEM is engaged into manufacturing and supplying of Fiber LIU , Fiber Management Systems In Delhi NCR We Have Variety of Range Like

  • 6 Port LIU
  • 12 Port LIU
  • 24 Port LIU
  • 48 Port LIU
  • 96 POrt LIU
  • 144 Port LIU